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Free Math Assistance by Appointment

The Academic Support Center’s Math Lab is excited to continue connecting with Otterbein students despite the current challenges we face due to COVID-19. For the time being, we encourage students to take advantage of our free virtual (synchronous video chat) tutoring sessions offered by peer and faculty tutors. To sign up, simply complete the request form below and consider scheduling up to two one-hour appointments each week! Please note that we request that you submit your questions prior to your scheduled tutoring session (see below for further explanation) and keep in mind that we are unable to assist with tests or quizzes. We look forward to “talking math” with you!

Assistance is offered in the following courses:

Math 0900—Prerequisite to College Math

MATH 0960 Support Topics for Precalculus

Tải game bắn cá ăn xuMath 1240—Statistics I

Math 1250—Mathematics for Calculus

Math 1700—Calculus I

Math 1800—Calculus II

We will ask that you submit the specific questions/problems that you would like to review in the session at the time of the request. (For example, question 1.12 on page 30 of the Math 1240 textbook.)

Why are we asking you to supply the questions that you would like to work on before your tutoring session?

  • Engaging with the material prior to the session helps a learner sort through what they do and don’t know and allows them to focus on concepts they would really like help with.  This provides them with the beginnings of an active learning experience which learning science suggests will stronger and more long-lasting learning.  This self-directed learning helps the learner to be more autonomous in the learning process which will carry over in studying outside of tutoring sessions,
  • Provides a goal for the session.  Setting goals allows for a more productive session and a greater likelihood of achieving the understanding that a student is looking for.
  • Helps both the student requesting help and the tutor prepare materials for the session. The student seeking assistance will know what materials that they should bring to the session such as attempted homework/lecture problems and the tutor to gather needed materials for the specific topics such as formulas/tables and preparing the virtual learning space.  Both of these will set the stage for a more active learning environment.




Request an Otterbein Math Lab Tutor

Once students submit the request, they will be contacted via email by the appropriate tutor within 48 business hours to schedule the tutoring appointment. The message from the tutor will ask what the student would like to cover during tutoring sessions and offer several options for meeting times.


Beth Derringer, M.A.
Math Support Services Coordinator
Library, Room 215

Beth Domanik, B.S.A.
ASC Services Coordinator
Library, Room 229

The resources that are offered definitely are of great help. I think if anyone who is struggling in Math used this resource they would be able to complete the task.

-Previous Math Lab user

Academic Support Center and Disability Services Location and Hours

Location:  Courtright Memorial Library, Second Floor in the Back

Office Hours: Tải game bắn cá ăn xu Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Phone: 614-823-1610

Fax:  614-823-1983

Academic Support Center and Disability Services Staff

Kristy Drobney, Ph.D.
Library, Room 225

Sara Banaie, M.S.Ed
Testing/Alt Media Coordinator
Library, Room 203

Beth Derringer, M.A.
Math Support Services Coordinator
Library, Room 215

Beth Domanik, B.S.A.
ASC Services Coordinator
Library, Room 229

Regina Kengla, M.A.
Writing Services & SI Coordinator
Library, Room 226

Kera McClain Manley, M.A.
Assistant Director, Disability Services
Library, Room 228

Contact the Academic Support Center

Beth Domanik, B.S.A.
ASC Services Coordinator
Library, Room #229